Redevelopment of Bushland Place

The Bushland Place Hostel has served the community of the Manning Valley well and to capacity over the last 39 years but as those who have driven along  Bushland Drive recently will have noticed  there is major work on the site  as we expand and renovate  the building to provide the physical structure required  to provide the current care and service programs to meet the expectations of the residents and the funding authorities.

You will recognise that in designing and during such large expansion and renovation  program over a number of years  there will be changes to the footprint of the building. Long known reference  points such as the village main entrance  and reception, the Chapel and the hostel resident’s dining and lounge areas will change to better suit the needs of the residents.

In the future stages of the development the central kitchen will be expanded and the central laundry  will relocated and expanded to meet the demand created by the increased population of our 3 Aged Care Facilities; Bushland Place,  Banyula Lodge and Karingal Gardens.

The Board of Directors has accepted the challenge  of meeting the future needs of our organisation and in particular the impact meeting those challenges has on the residents and operations of the Bushland Place Hostel and the central services.

The Directors apologise for any and  all inconvenience that this expansion and renovation may cause to residents, their visitors and staff  with an assurance that inconvenience will be minimised and  at the end of the program all will benefit from the improved Bushland Place Hostel facilities.