The Bushland Family


Our Staff

Board of Directors

From Left to Right  Mrs M Paton,  Mr H Rooimans, Mr G Brown, Mrs R Roberts, Dr G Fuller, Mr G Wilson, Mr J Saad

From Left to Right

Mrs M Paton,  Mr H Rooimans, Mr G Brown, Mrs R Roberts, Dr G Fuller, Mr G Wilson, Mr J Saad


  • Mr. G Brown OAM - Chairman/Treasurer of Board of Directors. Appointed 30 Aug 1989
  • Mr. G Wilson - Vice Chairman. Appointed 26 Aug 1994
  • Mrs. M Paton - Vice Chairman. Appointed 21 Apr 1998
  • Dr. G Fuller Appointed 19 May 1997
  • Mrs. R Roberts Appointed 19 Oct 2004
  • Mr. H Rooimans Appointed 22 June 2004
  • Mr. J Saad Appointed Nov 1998

Bushland Place Auxiliary

It has and is appreciated that, from the earliest days of operation, residents of our Nursing Homes, Hostels and now Aged Care Facilities have benefited from the care, service and lifestyle programs that have been enhanced as a result of support in the form of time, energy and enthusiasm generously given by the members of the Karingal and Bushland Place Auxiliaries. 

This small group of ladies meet monthly to plan and manage the activity and fundraising programs they provide to improve the lifestyle for the residents and/or the workplace for the staff as they provide the clinical and care services to the residents. 

The ladies of the Auxiliary will welcome you as a member if you would like to work with this small but dedicated group. The Auxiliary meets at 9:30am on the 3rd Thursday of every month. 



The foundation, growth and continuing operations of Bushland Health Group Ltd have benefited from the energy, effort, enthusiasm and commitment of members of the community, residents' families, Company members and staff who have been willing to devote resources available to them to improve the lives of the residents. 

We would hope this support will continue into the future and those involved will gain the satisfaction of knowing their contribution has had a positive impact on the circumstances of someone who through life circumstances has become a resident of one of our Bushland Place, Banyula Lodge and Karingal Gardens Aged Care Facilities. 

If you wish to volunteer as an individual rather than in the auxiliary content, please call and make arrangements to meet with the volunteer coordinator who will arrange orientation - and if necessary, training - so you can be involved in activities you feel comfortable delivering in one-on-one or group sessions.