Nurse Practitioner Sharyn Speakman

Sharyn Speakman | Bushland Health Retirement Living & Residential Aged Care

In Aged Care there are many interesting career paths and one position that provides job satisfaction and makes a difference is the role of the Nurse Practitioner.

Bushland Health Group is pleased to announce that Sharyn Speakman, Nurse Practitioner, is now able to write medication orders which can be acted on immediately, saving GPs time and paperwork. Sharyn’s early interventions can also prevent unnecessary admissions to the emergency department of our local hospital.

Sharyn is a Registered Nurse with advanced qualifications and skills in assessing, diagnosing and treating common health problems of older people. She has extensive experience and training in the areas of palliative care, pain management, local infections and the emotional well-being of residents of Aged Care Facilities including those with dementia. We are delighted to have Sharyn working at Karingal Gardens, where she is committed to improving our residents’ care to improve their quality of life.

Bushland Health Group is proud to be only one of a very few Aged Care organisations in Australia that utilises the advanced skills of a Nurse Practitioner to provide quality care outcomes for our residents.

Kyle Brown