Our Vision, Mission & Values



To be a leading not-for-profit care provider.



To provide the highest level of residential aged care services in the Manning Valley.



  • To encompass the physical, psychological and spiritual needs of the Residents within our care.
  • To support and maintain a strong working team of caring and motivated personnel including volunteers with guidance, training, education and proactivity. 
  • To respect the right of individuals in the provision of are so tat the changing needs of society may be met. 

Aims & Objectives

  • The Aims and Objectives of Bushland Health Group Limited are to provide the most appropriate care to the individual needs of each and every resident or client we provide services to. 
  • The Board of Directors recognises the Commonwealth Government's Guidelines for Residential Aged Care Services and believes the objectives of the program are achievable and should be the minimum goal and Aged Care Facility should set itself. 
  • The Board of Directors also requests that visitors acknowledge that the Aged Care Facilities are the Homes of each and every Resident and, as such, each Resident does have the right and responsibilities toward his/her fellow Resident, staff and visitors. 



We believe that care of the aged and disabled are specialties in their own right, where multi-disciplinary, high quality care is delivered professionally with compassion, understanding and integrity. 

We believe that each resident has unique biological, psychological, social and spiritual needs and the right to choose how those needs are met, thus enabling them to live their lives to the fullest and as independently as possible.